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I'm going to start adding videos here that I've watched personally. It's important to understand that this does not mean I endorse or believe any of the videos unless I specifically state so. In my view, it's important to see every thing in the social media sphere in order to analyze and learn truth. You can learn at least 1 important fact in any of them, which to me makes it worth watching.  Together, we are going to have to connect all the dots, considering any dot as a potential connector to facts.  

There are subjective videos by survivors of this very old, controlling cult who have stories to tell.  Some of them came out in the early 1980's another stories are connected and should be heard. I assume anybody that shares such a horrific abuse is telling the truth, their truth, unless otherwise noted because all victims deserve to be believed until proven wrong. That's how I feel about it, you may disagree.  

I'm deeply inspired by the 1994 story by Cathy O'Brien. "Trance-Formation of America."  I will begin this forum by posting some of her talks and interviews over the years from Youtube.  You can find me on Youtube & Twitter as "ExposingMilabs" where I have been sharing information for many years.  

Please feel free to comment, and start a discussion on any of these. I look forward to gathering here in a very concerned way. If we can prevent one innocent child's sexual slavery, it will have all been worth it; being called crazy.  

I am working on sharing my own early childhood experience with SRA/Govt involved abuse in coming days as I can. It's still confusing to me and hard to write about, even at age 50! Bear with me.  This is another reason I am trying to create for us a sensitive "Safe Space" to talk, for others too can share their stories, adding to the information we gather so that we can be more observant and watchful. It's about saving children! 

Thanks for joining in here.

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