Documenting Pizza Gate in A Purchased World

Reddit added itself to the "bought and paid" list of an out of control, pedophile elite that will stop at nothing to stop their dirty secrets from coming out, because to unravel the mystery is to unravel everything we've ever thought we believed about who is controlling the world; and thus the media refuses to give any of this a serious thought and the FBI is appearing clueless as well. 

Everything I've ever done, has been about saving children from this very deeply inbred cult of beings that use children for the worst crimes imaginable.  The statistics are mind blowing and we ALL seem to be in a fog when it comes to understanding what the hell is going on.  

I hereby create this site as a 1st Amendment Safe site to document and discuss these crimes in the public arena, and to create a like minded group that wants to see all of this stopped, once and for all.  There's never been a better time in history to stop this madness and it's going to take an extreme amount of courage.  I encourage you to sign up as a free member to stay tuned into this #Pizzagate controversy, AND general pedophilia controversy, especially in relation to SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse), Govt. operations, Church operations and any other group perpetrators.  

You may send stuff to me privately if you prefer.  And I can decide whether to post it.  

My hope is that an investigation unit will form due to this movement, and bring ALL those responsible, to justice.  

I personally would like to go to Haiti soon to investigate into the Clinton Foundation's trafficking of Haitian children that already has had one female investigator likely murdered this month in Haiti while investigating, though of course, they made it look like a Suicide. I call it "Suicided." It's a classic Hillary & Bill Clinton M.O. 

I fear nothing, and I am determined to stop THEM. 

I will be setting up a Paypal donation link soon to help pay for the creation and evolution of the paid and protected space here; any extra cash being used for investigative purposes only and I have a few goals in mind but I would like to generate some feed back. 

If you would like to follow me on twitter, my ID (until I get removed for #Pizzagate) is @exposingmilabs 

Regardless of any differences we have, I know everyone that will be attracted to this space, loves and cares for children, and wants to stop their abuse and exploitation. Together we can figure all of this out, and see that justice prevails, and lives are changed. 

Thanks for adding your own view. Kim

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  • Janet, Thank you so much for contributing and I find them quite interesting. I knew about the McCann stuff though it seems to just be a leaflet for finding her.  What has been uncovered, because of the Weiner & Podesta emails, I think are the facts that:

    1. John Podesta & his brother WERE 1/3 mile away from the McCann's when Madelaine went missing. 

    2. They knew some of then same people.

    3.  Another friend of Podesta, a former war criminal, and for sure past pedophile, within the elite "system."

    He was living 2 units away from the McCann's. The next day on May 4, investigators confirm his laptop was wiped clean on May 4, so we have no way of seeing what was going on with him before that.  Then, he left Portugal but the owner of the vacation home Podesta and his brother Tony had just stayed at.I forget his name right this second, I'll go back and find and post here interesting information found on this man.  I have a bit of a headache today so It may take awhile before I do it today. 

    Many have suggested 3 things:

    1.  That the McCann's essentially sold their child to this group, and/or are being blackmailed.

    2. That they are a part of this group.

    3. And that if not either of the above, that the Podesta's and his sick group are keeping the McCann's close with faux sympathy and even funds to help look for her, to keep them close and make sure their investigation doesn't lead back to them, the donors of their search.  

    This is how these sickos operate.  They find it entertaining, like watching Mice in a maze of their own creation.  

    I also have not had a chance to research the details on Scarlett Keeling's murder but hope to do so today.


  • I have a couple questions about this whole thing.  Someone sent me an index of Podesta's emails on wikileaks.  It's creepy because he has a file on Madelain McCann there.  And another one on a 15 year old girl murdered in the UK named Scarlett Keeling.  No one seems to mention this or the second girl.  I left the link to the emails on the graphic.  When you get there, click on the top option.  I have to wonder why no one is investigating Scarlett Keeling's murder.

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